Working alongside some of the brightest and most talented musicians and industry professionals, I've nurtured my compositional skills over many years of training to deliver quality across all genres from Electronic Music to Rock to Orchestral.

Take a look at some of my compositions, and listen to all that I have to offer. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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As a Musical Director, for amatuer and professional productions, I have adapted to various workspaces and team cultures. Working closely with Project Managers and Directors, I am practised in interpreting their vision musically and, after communicating this vision to a cast, realising it in the form of a performance.

I have frequently lead and accompanied rehearsals, made critical production decisions, informed and advised the Director, conducted the orchestra during shows, rehearsed teams of musicians, performed in live settings and coached the cast on vocal technique.

My experience includes auditioning and talent scouting/head-hunting.


For any queries about Musical Direction and Theatrical Production, please email:


Professional-quality mixed and mastered backing tracks for auditions, theatre shows, showreels and instrumental performances.

Having tracks specially designed for your voice is vital for performing your best for auditions and shows. The key and style of the track is tailored to suit your vocal range and character.




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