• Tommie James

February '18

February started off with a brand new job as a Singing Teacher/Musical Director for Stagecoach, Portishead with a show coming to the fabulous Bristol Hippodrome in March!

Then I got the chance to gig with my favourite people at the Primrose in Leeds which sounded flawless having had 2 hours practise right before we played...

I also had the pleasure of playing 'Keys 2' for The Barn Academy's awesome production of Oliver in the Sundial Theatre, Cirencester. Such a welcoming company and I look forward to working with them in the future. #ClassicTommie

I'm currently getting to know the Keys 2 part of Zorro the musical for University of the West of England's Centre for Performing Arts at the Redgrave Theatre, Clifton, Bristol! Tickets here

I'm also a part of some new musical writing which is a secret but is really exciting and makes me nostalgic about my teenage pop-punk years...


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