• Tommie James

Jan & Feb '17

So I blog now...

Most of January consisted of portfolio building, redoing boring CVs and the cliche January thing of joining a gym.


This new year started with me finishing a run of shows in Rotherham up North playing Guitar for Shone Production's "Snow White". It was lots of fun and I made some good friends! Turns out I'd met the Sound Engineer previously whilst giving tours of the recording studios at the University.

The 1975

I needed to mention we saw The 1975 in the London 02 Arena in December and it was fabulous.

I found the start very interesting, there was a (literally) 10 minute drone that got more intense just before they came on after The Japanese House had finished their (equally awesome) support set.

Well worth the early morning journey back to panto land.

Piano Accompaniment

I had the pleasure of accompanying 3 Creative Music Technology first years in their performance exam. Some extremely talented musicians! One of the performers did a song from the new musical "La La Land" which I thoroughly enjoyed watching in the Cinema.

Nova Luna

Whilst nipping back to Wales, we had a chance to get some video recording done for one of our singles! -more to come soon.


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