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March 17'

March is always a busy and exciting month, apart from turning a scary 22 years old (yes Taylor Swift was sang at me for the majority of the day), some stuff happened...

TiC I've been announced as the Musical Director of TiC's production of "Half a Sixpence" which will be performed this August in the 1031 seat Pavilion Theatre, Rhyl (North Wales)!

It's been a long-term goal for me to play in the orchestra pit for one of these musicals since I used to perform in these musicals as a child. Last year I played piano underscore for their production of Little Shop of Horrors, and I must've made a good impression. This next couple of months I'll be getting stuck in to creating an orchestral soundtrack to accompany us in the pit for the show.

Almondsbury Children's Choir & Almondsury Ladies Choir

My first ever rehearsal with a children's choir was lots of fun! We sang many silly warm-ups and learnt part of "We're All Made of Stars" from the "Neverland" Musical. We even got some cheeky harmonies in.

I also did a singing workshop with the Almondsbury Ladies Choir. I decided to do Titanium by Sia and David Guetta (they had heard of neither..) however they picked it up so quickly we were able to learn Rolling in the Deep - Adele along with Feeling Good (they perked up at the mention of Buble). They also seemed very interested in UWE Sound of Soul..

Piano Lessons

I have started giving piano lessons in Bristol this month, I find this rewarding and forces me to think about techniques I take for granted whilst playing these days. If anyone's interested in this send me an email!


So I tuned 22, (yes the Taylor Swift song was sung at me all day). It was nice to have a mini birthday jam session with members of The Trans-Antarctic Expedition who had travelled back to Bristol spend time together.

UWE Sound Of Soul

My Soul Choir started March off with a gig at the Students' Union at UWE. This was a fun, relaxed night and geared us up ready to perform in the Colston Hall Foyer toward the end of the month.

Despite a few last-minute musician swaps in the band, the Colston Hall foyer gig went very well! I'm looking forward to seeing the footage of this as well as the other ensembles that played in the UWE Festival of Sound.

UWE Live Sound Exam

The current 3rd-years needed a band to perform for their Live Sound Exam. This meant me being a fussy frontman, singing and playing bass guitar at the Colston Hall "Lantern" whilst they frantically mixed and engineered the show, being menacingly monitored by Martyn Harries, the examiner and renowned bafta-winning dubbing mixing engineer.

We also happened to notice Post-modern Jukebox were sound checking in the main hall next door, some amazing musicians!

The band, including mainly UWE music technology students were great to work with and I hope we get together for me to beat them in Monopoly some time soon!

Lewis Clark & the Essentials

We got the opportunity to play in Mr Wolf's, Bristol. This is such an edgy venue and the noodles are fabulous. Thank you to the people that came and supported us, I had an awesome time :)

We also played Culm Valley Inn, some tiny village way past Taunton. This place was jam-packed and had been playing our songs all day so they could sing along with the choruses when we played! I'm sure some of the songs we'd played I'd never rehearsed with the band. We were forced to do an encore and ended the night with the whole pub singing Mamma Mia and Bohemian Rhapsody around their old Piano (guitar parts and all).

The penguin watched me play keyboard all night unnervingly.


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