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March '18 - Zorro, Hippodrome, Depping & Kiss Me Kate

The first month I've had completely back-to-back shows, March was full of new opportunities and awesome musicians! It's also a sad one as I'll be moving back to my family home in North Wales at the end to focus on some composition work.

The Bristol Hippodrome I started the month off in The Bristol Hippodrome sound-checking and blocking the Stagecoach anniversary performance there. It was my first time in Bristol's famous theatre and it was beautiful (the tech crew from Wicked were late on their get-out due to the outrageous snow)..

Zorro! The Musical Then it was time for "Zorro the musical" with The University of the West of England in an 8-piece pit band, hidden underneath the stage with 2 amazing flamenco guitarists at the Redgrave Theatre, Clifton College.

Whistle Down The Wind My first time 'depping' a show as a keyboard player came with a challenge! I was brought in last-,minute to replace keys 2 in the 12-piece orchestra (complete with a live string section!) who were hiding above the stage behind the back curtain, conducted by Harry-Haden Brown. The band created an enormous, epic sound that was matched by the vocalists in the cast to make something truly moving. I'm glad to have met such talented musicians!

Kiss Me Kate

I performed in the 12-piece Big-band in the orchestra pit for 'Kiss Me Kate' by CLOGS theatre company in Chippenham. I was reading a 'string reduction' so I had to think like an entire string section with an expression pedal for swells. The show itself was good fun and full of humour.

Stagecoach 30th Anniversary Showcase

For my first ever show in the Bristol Hippodrome, my Saturday school singing students in Stagecoach did their first ever performance to a full house! Although I was only spectating from the wings, weeks and weeks of hard work had payed off and produced a solid set and some confident solos.


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